Greater Dublin Drainage is about providing long term sustainable wastewater drainage and treatment for the Greater Dublin Area (GDA). It is about addressing our future needs and recognising our environmental, social and economic responsibilities.

The Greater Dublin Drainage initiative aims to provide the drainage infrastructure needed to allow the Greater Dublin Area to continue to develop, both socially and economically.  The initiative involves the provision of a new wastewater treatment works, a marine outfall, and a new drainage network in the northern part of the Greater Dublin Area.

Throughout the Dublin region there is a vast system of pipes, pumps, and treatment plants that removes and treats our wastewater. For the past century the growth of the Dublin Region – and the health of its citizens – has been underpinned by the expansion of this system which has mostly discharged to the wastewater treatment plant located in Ringsend. Previous generations put in place the drainage and wastewater solutions that facilitated our progress; as the Ringsend plant will reach the limit of its capacity in the near future, our challenge is to do the same for the next generation.

We must ensure that enterprise and social development can flourish and that our environment is protected for generations to come. We must take the opportunity to unlock the potential of our region by providing vital, long-term, sustainable wastewater drainage and treatment – this is Greater Dublin Drainage.