Since last October the consultants and their team of specialists– have been carrying out more detailed studies on the nine identified land parcels, outfalls and pipeline routes.  They arrived at the emerging preferred sites in the following way:

The preliminary screening phase identified 9 land parcels which were all technically feasible. A lot of work was undertaken during this preliminary screening phase, which identified a lot of constraints. Environmental and technical specialists were then brought in to look at each land parcel and the issues raised at the previous public consultation phase, and to determine the criteria under which the assessments would be completed. Fingal Co Co’s consultants and the specialists, assessed these sites individually after which the full team, in group discussion, further evaluated the sites, pipeline corridors and marine outfall locations and through consensus determined the emerging preferred sites, pipeline corridors and marine outfalls.

The environmental and technical specialists included specialists in Ecology, Cultural Heritage, Landscape, Soils and Geology, Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Traffic and Access, Agronomists, Air and Odour, Noise and Vibration, Planning, Engineering and Design and Sustainability, among others.   

We have gone through a rigorous process that we are confident of and if there are any issues we would encourage you to contact the Project Team and make a submission.


The Project Road Map May 2012 demonstrates these phases.